HR to People & Culture Trend

There is a trend in the HR profession whereby departments in large organisations are transitioning away from 'Human resources' titles to 'People & Culture' (P&C). This transformation  is a statement to how the profession would like to be perceived and valued by a business. There are some driving forces behind this trend. These include:

1. HR representatives are responsible for supporting and representing employee’s interests in an organisation. At times, management objectives do not always align to employee’s desired outcomes. By incorporating 'People' into a title, it reinforces that the function is there to act as a voice of the workforce and correct assumptions that "HR are the employee enemy". 

2. HR representatives are responsible for fostering and nurturing a healthy workplace culture from a strategic and operational level. There are multiple tools and projects HR implement to establish workforce engagement levels and create action plans to lift overall employee satisfaction. By incorporating 'Culture' into the title, it sends a statement. The statement is that this component of the role is a critical one. Again, it addresses negative stigmas that "HR are the bad guys" and only want to "hire and fire people". 

The adoption of 'People & Culture' across multiple industries is viewed by upcoming generations as more inviting and progressive than 'human resources'. Human resources has continued to evolve over the last 20 plus years, and this is part of the profession's natural evolution. Who knows what P&C specialists will be called in the future?!

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